Holiday Sweeps Ornament by Jingle Nog

Jingle Nog

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This 5.5 inch tall mouth blown ornament is a jaunty snow man with fun plaid jacket and holly adorned top hat.

He is hand painted and glittered in Poland.

Every Jingle Nog ornament is shipped in it's own branded box, perfect for gift giving.

Product Story:

According to German lore, chimney sweeps remove any unwanted spirits from your home when they clean your hearth. If you touch a chimney sweep you will have an aura of well being and good luck, especially if you are blessed with a smudge of soot. In keeping with this legend, our Holiday Sweeps is always busily at task with his broom in hand. He will whisk his way into your heart and touching him may leave you with a bit of the miraculous Jingle dust if you are lucky!